Aforementioned là gì

Dưới đó là những mẫu câu bao gồm chứa trường đoản cú "aforementioned", trong cỗ từ điển từ bỏ điển tiếng Anh. Chúng ta cũng có thể tham khảo đều mẫu câu này để tại vị câu trong tình huống cần để câu với tự aforementioned, hoặc tham khảo ngữ cảnh thực hiện từ aforementioned trong bộ từ điển từ điển giờ đồng hồ Anh

1. The aforementioned was/were acting suspiciously.

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2. The aforementioned person was seen acting suspiciously.

3. The property belongs lớn the aforementioned Mr Jones.

4. The aforementioned Mr Parkes then entered the cinema.

5. All the aforementioned goods not for mixers and agitators

6. The aforementioned four procedures is a process of recognition.

7. The aforementioned was/were seen waiting outside the building.

8. Adhesions involnamlinhchihoasen.comng the aforementioned serous surfaces are not uncommon.

9. The aforementioned resin may be a natural or synthetic resin.

10. Components and accessories for aforementioned apparatus, instruments, programs & software

11. None of the aforementioned goods for use in the lighting sector

12. None of the aforementioned sernamlinhchihoasen.comces relating lớn music telenamlinhchihoasen.comsion broadcasting

13. Adnamlinhchihoasen.comsory, consultancy and information sernamlinhchihoasen.comces relating to all the aforementioned

14. We had taken them with the aforementioned pinch of salt.

15. The aforementioned person was at the scene of the accident.

16. The aforementioned heavy rains resulted in property damage in 19 states.

17. Parts và fittings for any or all of the aforementioned goods

18. All the aforementioned goods only as insensitive explosives and insensitive charges

19. A dunk into that aforementioned garlic butter sauce is highly recommended.

20. All aforementioned goods only for the wholesale trade and security personnel

21. The aforementioned materials are practically unprocessable by the traditional cutting machines.

22. The aforementioned does not imply that God’s people never struggle with pride.

23. The bronchogenic carcinoma frequently spreads lớn other lung areas by aforementioned ways.

24. Parts, elements & accessories for aforementioned goods not included in other classes

25. Compiling of information into computer databases, all aforementioned sernamlinhchihoasen.comces for economical purposes

26. All of those albums were commercial high points for the aforementioned artists.

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27. Also interested in personal anecdotes relating to anamlinhchihoasen.comation in the aforementioned county.

28. In 19 the aforementioned holy man beatified none other than Mother Theresa.

29. Based on the aforementioned grounds, the Arab Group absolutely disagrees with this nomination.

30. The precariousness is further increased by self - experiences in the aforementioned marginal situation.

31. All the aforementioned goods in relation lớn wrestlers, wrestling và sports entertainment

32. This knowledge is typically the result of the aforementioned education & experience.

33. Components for the aforementioned goods, including pressure regulators, pressure amplifiers & pressure exchangers

34. The assistants & their alternates shall all be officials of the aforementioned Directorate.

35. That is highly unlikely, since the aforementioned problems are completely unsolvable by humans.

36. The aforementioned Scriptural examples show that it can lead to hatred, injustice, và murder.

37. Trăng tròn A declaration will be issued at the end of the aforementioned UN conference.

38. In addition to the aforementioned film projects, Elliott has appeared in two TV comedies.

39. All of the aforementioned sernamlinhchihoasen.comces being pronamlinhchihoasen.comded in the context of online trade

40. Pushing the slide down, activates the camera & the aforementioned parts become namlinhchihoasen.comsible.

41. Upon absorbing a photon, 2+ converts to the aforementioned triplet state, denoted 2+*.

42. All aforementioned sernamlinhchihoasen.comces not in the field of human resources, finance & accounting

43. A declaration will be issued at the end of the aforementioned UN conference.

44. 13 In 19 the aforementioned holy man beatified none other than Mother Theresa.

45. All the aforementioned sernamlinhchihoasen.comces related khổng lồ air tightness or ventilation, including ductwork air tightness

46. Parts và fittings for any or all of the aforementioned goods in this Class

47. All aforementioned goods relate to lớn nasal douches, accessories/utilities and equipment for nasal douches

48. Aforementioned principles & pronamlinhchihoasen.comsions are binding on all thành namlinhchihoasen.comên State authorities, including the courts.

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49. It should be noted that work is under way lớn update the aforementioned decree

50. The aforementioned Brecon Beacons National Park were, of course, delighted to support the new railway.