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economy /i:"kɔnəmi/ danh từ sự quản lý kinh tế; nền kinh tế; tổ chức kinh tế sự tiết kiệm ngân sách và chi phí (thì giờ, tiền của...); cách thức tiết kiệm cơ cấu tổ chức
nền kinh tếexpanding economy: nền kinh tế phát triểnnational economy: nền kinh tế quốc dânrecovery of economy: sự phục sinh nền tởm tếarbitrator of economytrọng tài tởm tếeconomy devicebộ phận tiết kiệm chi phí xăngeconomy growthsự cải tiến và phát triển kinh tếeconomy jetgíc lơ phụeconomy life periodtuổi thọ gớm tếeconomy life periodtuổi lâu sinh lợieconomy measureschế độ huyết kiệmeconomy of scalekinh tế qui môeconomy of scopekinh tế phạm vi / qui môeconomy of spacesự tiết kiệm ngân sách khoảng trốngeconomy phenomenonhiện tượng gớm tếfinancial economykinh tế tài chínhfreedom economykinh tế trường đoản cú dofuel economysự tiết kiệm ngân sách nhiên liệufuel economytính kinh tế nhiên liệuhousehold economykinh tế hộ gia đìnhjoint economykinh tế hợp doanhmarket economykinh tế thị trườngmixed economy regionkhu tài chính đa dạngmodel of economymô hình kinh tếmunicipal economykinh tế đô thịpint-size economy tractormáy kéo nhỏplanned economykinh tế chỉ đạoplanned economykinh tế theo kế hoạchpolitical economykinh tế thiết yếu trịpolitical economykinh tế thiết yếu trị học

Word families (Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs): economics, economist, economy, economically, economic, economical, economize, uneconomic(al)




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Từ điển Collocation

economy noun

1 operation of a country"s money supply

ADJ. booming, buoyant, dynamic, healthy, sound, stable, strong | ailing, depressed, flagging, fragile, stagnant, weak The government devalued the currency to lớn try to revive the flagging economy. | advanced, developed, modern | agrarian, agricultural, capitalist, industrial, liberal, market, mixed, monetary, planned, rural, service-based, socialist a modern industrial economy | domestic, global, internal, international, local, national, world the increasingly competitive global economy | black, informal, underground The đen economy booms when there is high unemployment.

VERB + ECONOMY build, rebuild Each buổi tiệc ngọt has its own strategy for building a strong economy. | control, handle, manage, manipulate, operate, regulate, run The government was accused of failing khổng lồ run the economy competently. | boost, develop, expand, help, improve, kick-start, reinvigorate, rescue, revive, stabilize, stimulate, strengthen | liberalize | damage, harm, weaken, wreck

ECONOMY + VERB develop, expand, flourish, grow | be in/go into recession, collapse, contract, fail, slow, stagnate | pick up, recover, stabilize

PHRASES an area/a sector of the economy Transport workers are employed in all sectors of the economy. | the backbone/mainstay of the economy Agriculture was the backbone of the economy. | growth in/of the economy A small manufacturing sector inhibits growth in the economy. | control/handling/management of the economy 37% approved the president"s handling of the economy. | the kích cỡ of the economy, the state of the economy The government has been criticized over the state of the economy. > Special page at BUSINESS

2 careful use of money/time/resources

ADJ. important, major, significant | false Buying cheap shoes is a false economy.

VERB + ECONOMY achieve, make We could achieve major economies in time with this new machinery.

ECONOMY + NOUN drive Savings are being planned as part of a huge economy drive.

PREP. ~ in possible economies in telephone costs

PHRASES economy of effort/movement It was impressive lớn see her economy of movement as she worked the machine. | economy of scale Large firms can benefit from economies of scale.

Từ điển WordNet


the efficient use of resources

economy of effort

Investopedia Financial Terms

The large set of inter-related economic production and consumption activities which aid in determining how scarce resources are allocated.
The economy encompasses everything related khổng lồ the production and consumption of goods và services in an area. The economy and the factors affecting the economy have spawned one of the largest fields of study in human history - economics. The study of economics can be broken into two major areas of focus, microeconomics và macroeconomics.

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