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At what point does the materialized spirit assume independent existence, considering that the extrusion of ectoplasm is a gradual process? chú ý that implies and implies in this system (a hierarchical limitation). The overall degradation of the diffraction suggests that the reversible effects are also accompanied by gradual irreversible damage to the lattice. The probability level plot shows a slight, và very gradual, decline, down lớn the final agglomeration of all individuals into a single cluster. As proglottis development proceeds along the strobila, there is a gradual thickening of the lateral nerve cords at the anterior end of each segment. There is nothing gradual about a deep-sea migration, & boundaries are intrinsically sharp when speech communities are separated by large stretches of ocean. After suffering a significant loss of support in the 1974 elections, the military leadership began a gradual process of political liberalisation. The gradual succession of generations within the archaeological community has been a significant factor in this development. Is there a gradual transition towards exploitive agent success as the worlds become more populated with exploitive agents or is the transition sudden? The struggle for survival is presented in the context of the gradual but inevitable unification of the disparate communities into a single people. Other research indicates significant changes in families in terms of time use and a gradual convergence between men & women”s patterns in the work roles.

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