Ivory là gì

the hard yellowish-white substance that forms the tusks of some animals such as elephants, used especially in the past lớn make decorative objects:

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the hard trắng substance of the tusks (= long teeth growing outside the mouth) of some animals, such as elephants:
The evidence from these workshops shows that the craftsmen were producing prestige valuables: enamels, glassware, ivories, bonework & elaborate metalwork.
Scientists will have lớn quit their ivory towers in order lớn explain how the patient sorting out of tested information can facilitate agreement.
All ivory gulls were observed in small areas of mở cửa water in large expanses covered with mostly solid sea ice.
On three of the four occasions when the ship encountered a polar bear, ivory gulls were also present.
The items concerned— about 20 in number—are nineteenth century copies of seventeenth century ivories.
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