Legal action là gì

the act of using a lawyer or a court khổng lồ help settle a disagreement, etc. That you have with a person or an organization:

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the process of using lawyers, courts of law, etc. To solve disagreements, or an occasion when this happens:
threaten (sb with) legal kích hoạt Employers who hire illegal immigrants are being threatened with legal action.
take legal kích hoạt (against sb/sth) Lenders do not generally take legal kích hoạt until the borrower is three months in arrears.

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begin/launch/bring legal action (against sb/sth) The European Commission launched legal kích hoạt against two member states.
the threat/prospect of legal action The threat of legal kích hoạt is the latest twist in an increasingly bitter dispute between management và unions.
have grounds for legal kích hoạt Lawyers say the company probably has grounds for legal kích hoạt under the Trades description Act.

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costly/further/possible legal action He declined to bình luận on the situation further because of possible legal actions.
Fear of legal action, experts say, can chill needed research while more malicious hackers continue hunting for software holes unfettered.
Agencies, some adoptive parents claim, have retaliated against searchers, with legal action, jail time, & even death threats.
Now the city is figuring out how best lớn move forward both with legal action & with the riverfront project.
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