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Two Vietnam universities among vị trí cao nhất 400 UN development goals achievers

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Ton Duc Thang University and Hanoi University of Science and Technology are the only two Vietnamese institutions in Times Higher Education’s University Impact Rankings.

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US protests China’s East Sea claims at UN

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The U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Recently sent a diplomatic lưu ý to Secretary General António Guterres protesting China’s claims in the South trung quốc Sea.


Christmas Eve not so merry for sanitation workers in Hanoi

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Streets in downtown Hanoi were full of garbage left behind by Christmas Eve revelers, and sanitation workers had lớn be up all night.


Asia must quit "coal addiction": UN chief

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The UN chief on Saturday warned Asia lớn quit its "addiction" to coal, as climate change threatens millions of people vulnerable khổng lồ rising sea levels.


HSBC is first foreign ngân hàng to issue bonds in Vietnam

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HSBC issued VND600 billion ($25.7 million) worth of bonds on Monday, becoming the first foreign bank to vày so in Vietnam.

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Is Saigon just another city, or is there something more?

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With the soaring Saigon skyline descending into a generic urban blandness, it"s time to lớn ask: what"s left of us?

Vietnam eyes UN peacekeeping center for Asia-Pacific

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Vietnam has revealed plans to upgrade its U.N. Peacekeeping training center into a regional facility for the Asia Pacific.

Vietnamese musician joins int’l effort lớn highlight high seas crimes

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Electronic dance music (EDM) producer Hoaprox has joined hundreds of international artists in helping raise awareness about dark deeds on international seas.

Vietnam"s first int"l commercial flight in six months takes off

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A Hanoi-Tokyo flight, Vietnam"s first international commercial flight after six months of suspension due lớn the Covid-19 pandemic, carried over 100 passengers to nhật bản Saturday morning.

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Vietnam, int’l artists lớn join UNICEF virtual fundraiser

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UNICEF"s One Love Asia concert will help raise funds for children severely affected by the global pandemic.