What are these __MACOSX folders I keep seeing in zip files made by people on OSX? Some take as much as 30% of the file.

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What program are producing these __MACOSX folder and how can mac users avoid this mistake?


bobince: actually, resource forks were a very good idea ... At the time. These days, the same effect is achieved by storing resources as individual files, most of which look pretty much lượt thích standard tệp tin formats. –Duncan Feb 3 "10 at 23:20 táo provides built-in capability to ZIP files in OS X 10.3 & higher, và these files are the result of táo khuyết storing Resource Forks safe manner. You would never see these files running OS X 10.3 or higher, but since Windows và other operating systems do not understand this special form of Resource Forks they will appear as you see them.


Here"s a link that explains it pretty well. I suppose it is a bit late khổng lồ help Yada, but for posterity.

Explanation of resource fork at Wikipedia

The rest is my opinion:

nickf: Never seeing these files is not a FEATURE of those OS X versions it is a FLAW.

People produce data, wrap it up, store it on different mediums và so on. They need to know what is needed or what is not needed.Hiding it keeps them in the dark.

The age old bad idea of hiding things from users:

A programmer, concerned with expediency of accomplishing their own work,abuses something in the domain of the end user, lớn make it easy for themselves.

Hiding things from the user is bad.

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It assumes the user is stupid, when more accurately it is the programmer being stupid, or lazy.

To be clear, this bad habit is not confined to MAC. It is everywhere.It"s a consequence of programmers falling in love with their own schemes and vendors prioritizing their own goals ahead of the needs of the end user.

In brief.

__MACOSX:weird smelling programmer droppings emerging from under the rug where they were swept.

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Programmers and vendors: Please keep things in the open.When you hide them, you make yourself stupid và the user uninformed.