a piece of my mind

my criticism of what you did, a tongue-lashing If my son stayed out all night, I"d give him a piece of my mind.

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forgetful Our neighbor is very absent-minded & is always getting locked out of his house.

back of one"s mind

back of one"s mind The remote part of one"s mind or memory, as in With the idea of quitting in the back of his mind, he turned down the next assignment.

be in two minds about something

unable to lớn decide: "I"m in two minds about buying a new car."

be out of your mind

be really worried: "Where have you been? I"ve been out of my mind with worry."

bear in mind

remember; consider记住;考虑You must bear in mind that contradictions exist everywhere.应当记住,矛盾是普遍存在的。We should bear our family in mind when we make our decisions.我们作决定时必须考虑到家庭。

blow one"s mind

Idiom(s): blow one"s mind
Theme: OVERWHELM to lớn overwhelm someone; khổng lồ excite someone. (Slang.)• It was so beautiful, it nearly blew my mind.• The music was so wild. It blew my mind.

blow one"s mind|blow|mind

v. Phr., slang, informal; originally from the drug culture 1. To lớn become wildly enthusiastic over something as if understanding it for the first time in an entirely new light. Read Lyall Watson"s book "Supernature", it will simply blow your mind! 2. To thua thảm one"s ability lớn function, as if due to an overdose of drugs, Joe is entirely incoherent he seems to lớn have blown his mind. Antonym: BLOW ONE"S COOL.

blow your mind

amaze you, astound you, shock you Watching films of the holocaust will blow your mind.

boggle one"s mind

Idiom(s): boggle one"s mind
Theme: CONFUSIONto confuse someone; khổng lồ overwhelm someone.• The size of the house boggles my mind.• She said that his arrogance boggled her mind.

boggle the mind

stop the normal thinking process by being fantastic or incredible, unbelievable It really boggles the mind when you think how quickly the internet began lớn have a major impact on people"s lives.

boggle the mind|boggle|mind

v. Phr., informal to lớn stop the rational thinking process by virtue of being too fantastic or incredible. It boggles the mind that John should have been inside a flying saucer!

boggle your mind

confuse you, make your head spin These numbers boggle my mind. I don"t understand them.

bring lớn mind

recall something Her perfect acting brought to lớn mind some of the great actresses of the past.

call to lớn mind

cause sb.to remember 使想起The film calls to lớn mind what happened in my hometown ten years ago.这部电影使我想起了10年前我家乡所发生的事情。

call to mind|call|mind

v. Phr. Khổng lồ remember; cause to lớn remember. Your story calls to lớn mind a similar event that happened lớn us a few years back.

Cast your mind back

If somebody tells you khổng lồ cast your mind back on something, they want you khổng lồ think about something that happened in the past, but which you might not remember very well, and to try lớn remember as much as possible.

change one"s mind

decide to vì something different from what had been decided

change one"s mind|change|mind

v. Phr. To lớn alter one"s opinion or judgment on a given issue. I used to hate Chicago, but as the years passed I gradually changed my mind & now I actually love living here.

change your mind

choose a different plan, change your decision Please change your mind about leaving home. Please don"t go.

clear your head/mind

relax so you can think clearly After an argument I need time to lớn clear my head, to become calm.

come lớn mind

Idiom(s): come khổng lồ mind
Theme: REMEMBER lớn enter into one"s consciousness.• bởi vì I know a good barber? No one comes to lớn mind right now.• Another idea comes to mind. Why not cut your own hair?

come to mind|come|mind

v. Phr. Khổng lồ occur to lớn someone. A new idea for the advertising campaign came lớn mind as I was reading your book.

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cross one"s mind

Idiom(s): pass through someone"s mind and cross someone"s mind
Theme: THOUGHTto come to lớn mind briefly; for an idea to occur khổng lồ someone.• Let me tell you what just crossed my mind.• As you were speaking, something passed through my mind that I"d like to discuss.

cross one"s mind|pass through one"s mind

v. Phr. To lớn be a sudden or passing thought; be thought of by someone; come lớn your mind; occur to you. At first Bob was puzzled by Virginia"s waving, but then it crossed his mind that she was trying khổng lồ tell him something. When Jane did not come home by midnight, many terrible fears passed through Mother"s mind.

do you mind

do you care? does it matter? vày you mind if I sit on your desk? Does it bother you?

enter one"s mind

Idiom(s): enter one"s mind
Theme: REMEMBERto come lớn one"s mind; lớn come into one"s consciousness.• Leave you behind? The thought never even entered my mind.• A very interesting idea just entered my mind. What if I ran for Congress?

frame of mind

mood, mental attitude, state of mind I"m not in the right frame of mind to listen to your poem.

frame of mind (good or bad)


frame of mind|frame|mind

n. Phr. One"s mental outlook; the state of one"s psychological condition, There is no use trying to talk to him while he is in such a negative frame of mind.

get a load off one"s mind

Idiom(s): get a load off one"s mind
Theme: COMMUNICATIONto communicate what one is thinking; to speak one"s mind. (Informal.)• He sure talked a long time. I guess he had to get a load off his mind.• You aren"t going to lượt thích what I"m going to say, but I have to get a load off my mind.

get out of one"s mind

Idiom(s): get sb or sth out of one"s mind và get sb or sth out of one"s head
Theme: FORGETFULNESSto manage to forget someone or something; to stop thinking about or wanting someone or something.• I can"t get him out of my mind.• Mary couldn"t get the song out of her mind.• Get that silly idea out of your head!

get your mind around

understand, comprehend, wrap your mind around He explained DNA, but I can"t get my mind around it.

give a piece of one"s mind

give a piece of one"s mind
see piece of one"s mind.

give one a piece of one"s mind|give|mind

v. Phr., informal to lớn scold angrily; say what you really think khổng lồ (someone). Mr. Allen gave the other driver a piece of his mind. The sergeant gave the soldier a piece of his mind for not cleaning his boots. Synonym: TELL OFF. Compare: BAWL OUT, DRESS DOWN, GIVE IT TO, TONGUE LASHING.

give sb a piece of one"s mind

Idiom(s): give sb a piece of one"s mind
Theme: SCOLDINGto bawl someone out; to tell someone off.• I"ve had enough from John. I"m going khổng lồ give him a piece of my mind.• Sally, stop it, or I"ll give you a piece of my mind.

give someone a piece of your mind

scold or become angry with someone When I met her yesterday I really gave her a piece of my mind.

go out of one"s mind

go out of one"s mind
thua kém one"s mental stability, become insane, as in After he heard that the ore he had mined was worthless, the prospector went out of his mind. This phrase is often used as a humorous exaggeration, as in I"m going out of my mind reading these proofs. The phrase out of one"s mind dates from the late 1300s, and was used with go shortly thereafter. Also see thất bại one"s mind.

go out of your mind

(See out of your mind)

good mind

good mind see have a good mind to.

great minds run in the same channel, all

great minds run in the same channel, all
Intelligent persons think alike or come up with similar ideas. For example, I see you brought your tennis racket—thank goodness for great minds. This term is often uttered (sometimes jokingly) when two persons seem lớn find the same answer simultaneously, & is frequently shortened.

Great Minds Think Alike

Intelligent people think like each other.

Half a mind

If you have half a mind to vị something, you haven"t decided to vày it, but are thinking seriously about doing it.

half a mind|half|half a notion|mind|notion

n. Phr., informal A wish or plan that you have not yet decided lớn act on; a thought of possibly doing something. Used after "have" or "with" and before "to" & an infinitive. I have half a mind to stop studying and walk over to the brook. Jerry went trang chủ with half a mind to telephone Betty.

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has a mind of his own

(See mind of his own)

have a good mind to

1.be strongly inclined to很想He has a good mind lớn study abroad.他很想出国去读书。2.have nearly made up one"s mind lớn 几乎已下定决心She has a good mind to tell him the truth.她几乎想把实情告诉他。

have a lot on one"s mind

Idiom(s): have a lot on one"s mind
Theme: WORRYto have many things lớn worry about; khổng lồ be preoccupied.• I"m sorry that I"m so grouchy. I have a lot on my mind.• He forgot to go to his appointment because he had a lot on his mind.

have a mind lượt thích a steel trap

Idiom(s): have a mind like a steel trap
Theme: INTELLIGENCEto have a very sharp & agile mind; to have a mind capable of fast, incisive thought.• Sally can handle the questioning. She has a mind like a steel trap.• If I had a mind like a steel trap, I wouldn"t have so much trouble concentrating.

have a mind of one"s own|have|mind

v. Phr. Lớn be independent in one"s thinking & judgment. Tow has always had a mind of his own so there is no use trying to lớn convince him how lớn vote.

have a mind of your own

not be influenced by other people: "Don"t tell me what to do! I"ve got a mind of my own, you know."

gửi (ai kia hoặc điều gì đó) ra khỏi tâm trí của (một người)

get someone or something out of someone

put / get something out your ˈmind