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relatively few/little Scottish businesses have relatively few problems with skill levels in the workforce compared to lớn the rest of Britain.

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relatively cheap/inexpensive Phone calls are relatively cheap, with a mix of monthly packages và pay-as you-go services.

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relatively large/small Investments that generally go up or down in value in relatively small amounts are considered "low volatility" investments.
used to say that your opinion or mô tả tìm kiếm of something is true when it is compared lớn other things of a similar type:
While the price for health plans has been kept relatively steady, treatment costs are rising as the number of insured people seeking care has increased.
Sleep drastically improved, but wasn"t perfect as it shouldn"t be, once the food stuff was relatively figured out.
& it"s just harder to prove where cases that maybe, you know, 10 years ago would have been, you know, relatively a no-brainer to charge.
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