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to force someone khổng lồ leave an important job or a position of power nguồn because they have behaved badly or not in a way you approve of:
remove barriers/obstacles/restrictions The government failed lớn remove legal obstacles to the transfer of ownership of assets.

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to force someone to lớn leave an important job or a position of power, usually because they have behaved badly, or in a way that you vày not approve of:
The thành phố Controller was removed after a failure to list sources of income including rental properties.
Every second section was removed, so that a person could enter into its centre in order to play them.
The rules that were removed, were simply those with the smallest probability (irrespective of the nonterminals they contained).
We can then infer that the removed variable functions as a significant mediator between the predictor và criterion variables.
The new type of tenancy removed rent control and substituted market rents with very little security of tenure.
The control variables that did not contribute to lớn the explanation of loneliness (p .10) were removed.
When she described being removed from a train by the police và pushed to the floor, one could sense the intensity of the personal insult.
Participants who had previously seen the solution to lớn the design problems based on the analogous sản phẩm were removed from the data set.
They aimed to fragment the township communities & divorce them from the tacksmen, thus removing the basis of the clan military, social and economic structure.
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