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Also, research work on appropriate mechanisms for internalization of various externalities tends lớn focus on internalization design at an aggregate production level.

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Nevertheless, we consider them here for their insight into systems that acquire representations appropriate for a cognitive tên miền through a learning process.
The treatment is at a cấp độ appropriate for research students, or for use as a reference by workers in the field.
Both suffer when the time available is reduced, but an appropriate development methodology can in both cases minimize the damage.
The aim was lớn teach students the principles of appropriate prescribing and students have generally found it useful.
There has been research on teaching techniques for young learners, but what task types are appropriate và efficient for testing children is an under-researched area.
A more appropriate interpretation is that the annuity swap represents a market certainty equivalent khổng lồ the option.
In light of this, it would seem appropriate to try another analytical approach that could be appropriate for strongly nonlinear systems.
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a sweet, soft food made by cooking fruit with sugar khổng lồ preserve it. It is eaten on bread

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