There are still some vacancies for students in science & engineering, but the vacancies in humanities have been filled.

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advertise/create/fill a vacancy The Board has the sole authority lớn fill vacancies on the Committee.
For example, teacher vacancies in bilingual education, math, science & special education can be filled by working collaboratively with area colleges and universities.
The team reports that these nanosheets have a high surface area & contain mesoporous structures derived from the oxygen vacancies in the clay.
As the heroine"s captor goes about preparing his meal of human extremities, there"s a vacancy in his eyes that conveys a sense of solemnity.
The vacancy leaves the court in a deadlock, with four justices each on the court"s liberal and conservative wings.
Another great one is vacancy rates -- an increasing vacancy rate in the area is a major vulnerability for your landlord.
However, without the lanthanum dopants, oxygen vacancies form & these trap electrons & reduce performance.
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to behave in a very enthusiastic way about something that you are interested in và know a lot about but that other people might find boring

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