Vượt trội tiếng anh là gì

For example, in poorer countries the number of wireless phone connections are surpassing the number of fixed lines.

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Purchases outweighed sales by a factor of about two, and their absolute level surpassed the mean value recorded for farmers (903 versus 723 gulden).
Notwithstanding the objections raised here, it is unlikely to be surpassed in breadth and depth in years to come.
Such a move would surpass the current vogue of "research-fordevelopment", which still assumes the research is at centre stage.
Then, a competitive linking strategy is used, but not until all words or phrases are linked, but until a certain threshold is surpassed.
Alternatively, if treated as identical in function, the spatial coverage of the interstripes surpasses that of the thick stripes.
Early estimates of maximum life expectancy, which yielded values in the 70s, have already been surpassed in low mortality populations.
In other words, our unconscious statistics greatly surpasses the simple univariate stuff - it runs to multidimensional scaling and beyond.
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